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by Refocus Media on November 20, 2014 , Comments Off

Art & Design

At Refocus Media we have an in-house team of creative experts ready to transform your company into something that is as identifiable as the most renowned trademarks. The vibrant red of the world’s most famous soda or the silhouette of an apple with a bite taken out; wouldn’t you want your brand to be as instantly recognisable? Refocus Media can accomplish any task quickly and to an extremely high standard.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. Use our experience for your brand and we will discover all the benefits of making a great impression.

Nader Alquasim, Art Director

Our Portfolio Includes


    Logos | Business Cards | Stationary | Brochures | Corporate Literature
    Starting with a totally original logo, Refocus Media will take care of all aspects of brand management from business cards to stationery, corporate brochures to company profiles. There is no limit to the potential when it comes to creating a totally bespoke company image nor the impact it will have on your client base.


    WordPress | CMS
    Online presence is so important to get right, and the upkeep is as significant as the creation. Refocus Media will provide a professional and memorable website and will assist with all related content and material.


    Products | Events | Fashion | Portraits
    Outsourcing photography on top of professional design services can be costly and often the result does match the expectations exactly. By providing in-house photography REFOCUS can assure clients that briefs are met perfectly and all the art department are working harmoniously. This can include images of products, events, fashion photography and portrait work.


    Print | TV | Web | Social Media
    Refocus Media is highly skilled in designing promotional copy for all formats including print, TV, web and social media platforms. We can also develop presentation materials to ensure the message you wish to convey to any audience is clear, concise and unforgettable.


    Retail Space Design | Restaurant or Shop Branding | Packaging | Signage
    Refocus Media will maintain and enhance your branding with coherent retail space design, restaurant branding, packaging and signage. Your public spaces should have the same creative message as your marketing and exhibition materials.


    2D | 3D | Flash | Script Writing | Filming | Editing | Postproduction
    To supplement and enhance other design services Refocus Media can produce 2D and 3D animation for television, websites, mobile phones and tablets. The production of video footage can also be commissioned to include pre-production planning such as scriptwriting, direction of shoot plus post-production editing plus all other processes.

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Like what you see here? Let us transform your brand touch points into design masterpieces. Talk to our Art Director today.

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