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How will marketing in Kuwait change in 2016?

by Refocus Media on December 8, 2015 , 3 comments

The media landscape in Kuwait is constantly changing and the process has huge implications on marketing strategies in the region. Does it mean you need to change the focus and the direction of your advertising efforts next year? Experts warn about an inevitable shift in the approach to marketing that will revolutionize the way you promote your brand in 2016.

As we approach the end of the year, many brands and companies reconsider their marketing efforts evaluating the outcomes of latest campaigns and setting goals and communication agendas for the year ahead. Advertising agencies in Kuwait also revise the media plans for their clients seeking more effective ways to reach the target audiences.

What about you? Did you analyze your results yet? I hope you reached your marketing objectives this year, but if you failed short, or wish to raise the bar even higher in 2016, you need to read on.

Internet, content and technology consumption in Kuwait

Very recently, a global market research company IPSOS published a new study titled: “ICT Landscape Kuwait 2015: A Study of Internet, Content and Technology Consumption in Kuwait”. It’s an interesting document because it confirms some very important trends affecting the way marketers should go about doing their business.

The development of new communication technologies changed the way people interact with each other. But it also affected the way consumers respond to the massages sent out by brands.

Main findings of the report:

  1. Over 91% people living in Kuwait have access to the internet.
  2. More and more people in Kuwait turn to online sources for information and entertainment with one in three people regularly accessing online TV, radio and news.
  3. The media consumption is changing fast with digital technologies, such as mobile phones, Internet, social media and apps greatly exceeding the usage of traditional media (press, radio, cinema).
  4. Social media penetration reached 96%, which means that advertising on Facebook or Instagram has a potential to reach wider audiences than ever before.
  5. Social media are becoming the natural communication channels for brands as over a half of users follow branded accounts for interesting content, special offers and promotions, or just because they like what the brand represents.

What does that mean for marketing and advertising specialists?

Well, the statistics confirm an ongoing trend towards digital, content driven media. The way people engage with marketing messages has changed and not all brands have yet adjusted their approach accordingly. With the decreasing consumption of traditional media marketers must find new solutions, such as campaigns online and in social media, because this is where their audiences have moved. That’s easy, isn’t it?

The shift from newspaper or magazine advertising towards digital media is not always as easy as it seams, because in the digital space the user has much more power. The audience is active; people have freedom to choose which brands they follow and they can actively engage in conversations with the brands. They are not just the recipients of the advertising message, but dynamic contributors to the communication process. And this behavioral change proved to be a big challenge for the marketing agencies.

Content is king

Display advertising is no longer efficient. In order to encourage users to first follow a brand, then to engage with it and finally to make a purchase, marketers must provide them with useful and / or entertaining content. Content marketing is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and experts are claiming that 2016 will be the year of content. Recent changes to Google algorithms support that trend even further rewarding blogs and content-rich websites with higher rankings. As people become more resistant to aggressive sales techniques, display advertising is being replaced with content marketing. And perhaps, this is the best thing that could have happened to advertising industry in 2015. Be ready for the next step Kuwait; be ready for content!

Refocus MediaHow will marketing in Kuwait change in 2016?


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  • Rajesh Gandhi - January 24, 2016 reply

    No doubt, Content is KING in this modern world. But most important is customer engagement to the point of satisfaction, so that he becomes loyal.

    PS – There seems to some conflict in numbers- While Internet penetration is only 91%, how come Social Media penetration is 96%?

    Refocus Media - January 27, 2016 reply

    Dear Rajesh Gandhi, thanks for your comment. Regarding to statistics included in the article, the 96% of social media penetration relates to people who already use Internet. And yes, you;re right! By definition good content should be engaging.

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